Monday, 31 August 2015

Whats in my LUSH basket!?

It was my Birthday last week and amongst my presents I was lucky enough to get given some LUSH goodies. I was so pleased to have some I hadn’t tried before, along with some of my good old favourites.

LUSH Rose Jam
   The pink glittery one that resembles a Viennese Swirl; this is a ‘bubbleroon’ so I should get three uses from this. Its pink, glittery and smells like strawberry jam! It contains lemon, geranium and rose oil to make you feel as fresh as a bunch of roses. This is definitely my new favourite!

LUSH Milk Bottle
          This lush bubble bar is shaped, as its name states, as a milk bottle. However, this milk bottle has a special glittery lid and smells like vanilla. It contains skimmed milk and cocoa butter for a creamy, silky bath filled with bubbles!

LUSH Dragon Egg
       This is one of their classic bath bombs. It needs no sparkle or bright colours as the smell of sherbet is enough to keep you interested. When added to your bath it fizzes and crackles, to make for the most interesting of  transformations! Its citrus smells should leave you feeling super fresh!

LUSH Creamy Candy
Another classic lush product which smells irresistible. The candy floss smelling bubble bar is perfect for fighting off sweet cravings and the almond and cocoa butter leaves you and the bath velvety smooth. 

What are your favourite LUSH products at the moment?

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