Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Longleat Safari day with my crazy family

 I have been in a Safari mood recently and have been lucky enough to go to both West Midland Safari Park and now Longleat Safari park. Both equally great, Longleat slightly trumps West Midlands due to its great landscaping and the massive Longleat house owned by Lord Bath - Your even able to go inside and have a sneaky peek, it was something else!

Best things to do at longleat
.Feed the monkey's wotsits
You are not actually meant to feed the monkeys, but I've heard they love wotsits...
.Go to the meerkat & penguin walk throughs
There can be a little bit of a queue but to see the animals walking around you is pretty amazing!!
.Go into Longleat house
It doesn't take long to walk around but it is so worth it! It's such a beautiful place!
.Feed the giraffe's
They have a special area with balconys where you can feed the giraffes, there's a great view and they have babies at the moment!!

Here's a few pictures from our day! 

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