Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fun Festive buys

This time of year is great for the 'special addition' festive buys. Not only did I pick up some lovely autumn inspired flowers this week, but I have managed to pick up some great Christmas buys as well.

My favourite buy of the week was my shawl from Matalan. It is thick and woolly and wraps around like a cardigan, but has the texture and look of a scarf. The plum, orange and navy colours compliment each other perfectly and make me feel really festive. Matalan had some great Autumn and Winter stock I would recommend a visit!
I have really been embracing the autumn lip this year, so I picked myself up another lipstick product this week. I am usually a fan of the more expensive brands of makeup, but when I am uncertain of weather I might like something I prefer to try a high street brand first. I picked up the Maybelline 'Color Drama' kohl in shade 'Berry much'. Having never used a lip kohl before I was optimistic about whether the colour would be powerful enough and whether the quality would be good. I loved this product, the colour is a beautiful plum colour, the Kohl liner is really easy to apply and wears off the lip naturally. It has a smooth texture on your lips and has a great matte finish. Very impressive high street find :)

I can't help buying Christmas smelling items for the home this time of year. I picked up two fantastic smelling items today at my local supermarket. First, I brought a Glade home spray in 'Warm Spice' It smells of a mix between Cinnamon, Orange and Jasmine. It makes me feel like I am curled up next to a warm open fire with logs burning, its a really beautiful Christmas smell. I also brought a 'Spiced apple' plug in by Ambi Pur, again another really warm Christmas fragrance. I also couldn't resist buying a tiny Christmas tree in a cute red pot...it was calling my name:)

To do list
.Make house smell like Christmas 
.Visit Bath Christmas markets
.Wrap Christmas presents
.Get Christmas Tree
.Make Christmas biscuits

Saturday, 22 November 2014

365 Days 'til I say, I DO

365 days 'till I say, I DO.

It is officially the year countdown until I get married. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. The year countdown is exciting but also scary! I'm sure its going to get crazy and busy from here on. So far I have been pretty organised, we have booked our venue, photographer and band/DJ, however, it feels like i still have the biggest list of things to cross off before I am ready for the day!

I have tried to keep my ideas and plans quite secretive as I want everyone to be surprised by everything on the day! I think if you tell everyone all the details it can ruin the magic of what you have created:) I have been to a variety of wedding Fayre's and friends family weddings since getting engaged which have been great inspiration, however personally my favourite resource for inspiration has been Pintrest. Recommended to me by colleagues at work, I have fallen in love with it. Its variety and simplicity helps you create your own boards of magic. I do find some of the ideas can get you ab it too excited and you have to remember to be a bit realistic about how to create what they have created in the pictures, but I have found it really great for inspiration for everything from colour schemes to cakes and even to simple table decorations. It also allows you to keep your boards private which means you can share with friends and family as little or as much as you like:) I will be using Pintrest religiously for the next year for all the final touches!
The next few months of planning for me will consist of Save the dates, bridesmaid dress buying and possibly even the purchase of my dress...

The next year has a lot in store and I'm so excited and ready for it! 365 days and counting...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A bit too early Christmas fun...

Its two weeks before I 'allow' myself to get excited about Christmas, but as usual I have already picked up some new Christmas decorations for our Christmas tree. I simply can't resist. Once the adverts begin on the television , the chocolate, biscuit and mince pies flood the aisles at the supermarkets, I just get too excited.

Our theme for Christmas last year was simple and traditional. Reds, wood effect and a few bits of glitter and gold. I made a lot of my own decorations last year including our wreath and glittery pine cones, which I am going to make again this year along with a table centre piece. I love making my own pieces as I think you can make them exactly to your liking, I also love that it means I can have a whole day dedicated to Christmas decorations and Christmas baking :) Unfortunately, I have to wait till December for that so I treated myself to a few decorations from The Range yesterday.

They had a really good selection of decorations to suit our wood and red theme, I picked just three from a very reasonably priced selection. I do think you have to filter through some of the ' tat ' but overall I couldn't fault their selection. I picked up some soft heart style baubles, with snowflakes and Merry Christmas on. I also picked up some great tartan and wood Christmas tree and star baubles, I think this will look really rustic and pretty on the tree. Finally, I picked out the adorable Reindeer with his orange scarf, I couldn't resist...  I'm not sure the whole collection goes together but I love mixing and matching, no - one likes a perfect tree and I'm sure they will suit all my decorations from last year.

Hurry up Christmas

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A visit to the Library

As a child I was an extremely keen reader. I read Jacqueline Wilson, Roald Dahl and of course J.K Rowling. I loved how books opened my imagination to a world of mystery and excitement.

Through my teens reading became Heat magazine, Look and Cosmopolitan. I am now, thankfully, brain dead of gossip magazines. I have turned a corner and found something I really enjoy reading. I believe reading is massively important, it takes you away from reality as well as being relaxing and therapeutic and I am so happy to have found an Author and series I really enjoy.

I introduce you too.. Benjamin Black, The Quirke series.

Benjamin Black is the Pen name of Author John Banville. This series is set in 1950s Dublin and has a total of six books, Christine Falls, Silver Swan, Elegy for April, A Death in Summer, Vengeance and finally Holy orders.

I am currently on the fourth book, A Death in Summer. It happened by chance that I started this amazing series of books. I stumbled across the first, Christine Falls, whilst on a holiday in Spain. It was only on my recent visit to the library that I realised there was a whole collection of these books, this made me very happy after falling in love with the story and characters; I honestly can't put the books down.

As i mentioned the books are set in 1950s Dublin, and tackle all aspects of that era. The books are full of mystery and crime, timed perfectly by Black. Not only have I fallen in love with the family and characters throughout the novels, but also each plot in itself is more exciting through each book I read.

I had to share this fab series and also add to remember to visit your local libraries and bookshops as you never know what you might find :)


November is probably one of my favourite months of the year.

November sets in stone the beginning of the cold winter months where we wrap ourselves in scarves & coats, drink hot chocolate and take winter walks through crunchy orange leaves. We indulge in days on the sofa watching movies whilst it rains outside, comfort foods and even a bit of early Christmas shopping, for those of us who are super organised that is :) 

November for me, so far, has included two amazing firework displays, plenty of cosy movie nights, including my favourite Harry Potter! I watch Harry Potter films a ridiculous amount anyway, but this time of year I personally love watching them even more, they feel really Autumnal and Christmassy :) I have enjoyed many a coffee date, mainly involving hazelnut hot chocolates and chocolate brownies. I have also really embraced November the 11Th this year and remembrance Sunday. I brought a lovely knitted poppy and also made some poppy jam tarts. I thought the poppy display in London was really lovely and disappointed I didn't get to visit it. November has also influenced some lovely Autumnal purchases, including my new tartan pillow, some knitted tights and some new candles:)

Happy November :)