Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Turning 23...

I have just spent the weekend celebrating my 23rd birthday. It’s quite surreal turning twenty three as for some reason I still feel eighteen inside. I think as you get older, the things you want are different, my Saturday nights at eighteen consisted of cheap alcohol, false eyelashes and loads of fake tan, now grab me some chocolate a good movie and some wine and I’m happy.  Your inner child however, stays with you forever! I still watch Disney movies over and over, I still have sleepovers with face masks and scary films and I still like to lick the spoon when I’m baking. What I’m trying to say is although I am getting older – which kind of scares me- I am still silly and young at heart, which I hope sticks with me forever!

I had a great birthday weekend; I had some yummy food and wine with friends, lunch with Liam and also a small tea party with my mother. I now also have the week off work, so my birthday kind of continues all week- yes I am dragging it out!

I’ve also had some lovely gifts and cards, I LOVE cards, I keep pretty much all my cards every year; I’m not quite sure why but I have a humongous collection that I like to look through every now and again. Liam says I am a hoarder; I like to think I am just sentimental!

Here are a few snaps of what I have been up to over the weekend! 


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  1. glad you had a good birthday!! <3 lovely pics!
    Chloe xx