Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The perfect summer picnic & the things you might forget...

There’s nothing better than grabbing some yummy food and drink, a blanket and relaxing in a field or park somewhere scenic. If you get a picnic right, they can not only be a great affordable way to eat but can also be a really fun activity for the afternoon or evening. Whether you picnic with friends or family, or maybe something more quiet and romantic, here’s my top tips for the perfect summer picnic.

Take cutlery
Whether you take plastic cutlery or paper you won’t regret it, it makes things so much easier. I took some Brie and crackers recently so I took a cheese board and knife! Who said you can’t finely dine in a field?
Plastic cups or bottled beers
If your drinking bottled beers you don’t need to worry, but wine from a bottle? No thanks, I take some plastic cups from home or my Kilner jar!
A rubbish bag
It’s the most forgotten picnic necessity, but you don’t want to put all your rubbish and dirty plates back into your lovely clean picnic basket! Take a rubbish bag to separate all your clean from the dirty, plus no-one likes a litter bug!
Yummy food
Why take sandwiches and crisps when you can take cheese, olives and chopped fruit! Prepare everything into Tupperware containers and with cutlery it should be easy and way more enjoyable.
When it comes to drinks the choice is yours, bottled beers, wine I love to take pink lemonade as I feel it makes the picnic feel a bit special.
A picnic blanket and something warm
Don’t forget something nice to sit on, a picnic blanket or throw and maybe an extra blanket for when the night draws in!

We recently had a picnic on the Bristol Downs, it overlooks the Clifton suspension bridge and the Avon Gorge. It’s a really popular place in the summer for BBQs and sports but also a really beautiful place for a picnic. It happened to be balloon fiesta weekend so we had the balloons to watch too! It was really lovely! Here are a few snaps! 


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  1. Love a summer picnic so much! <3 great essentials :)
    Chloe xx