Saturday, 8 August 2015

Country Cream Chairs

I recently embarked on my latest upcycle project, my Country Cream dining room chairs. After falling in love with my Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I keep magically finding furniture to upcycle. I pinned ideas of tables and chairs that I really liked, some had multi coloured chairs, some had half painted half wood and some had covered the chairs completely with the chalk paint. As I already have cushion covers for my chairs which I really like, I decided to just paint the back and legs of my chairs. I like to leave a bit of wood showing on my furniture as I feel it gives a more country effect and I personally prefer the overall finish!
I chose a sunny day to paint as I find the chalk paint dries so well in the warm that by the time I have finished my first coat I can already start my next coat. Annie Sloan paint is so great you need to do very little or no prep at all to your wood, I wipe my wood over with a cloth to get rid of any dirt or dust but that is all I do as the wood really doesn’t need anything with this paint!
Once I had painted the legs and backs of the chairs I sanded down the seat area, I did mine by hand but a sander would be just as effective, however, some of the smaller hard to reach areas may need to be done by hand.

No need to hurt your back or legs, prop your chair onto a table outside whilst painting!:)

( a before and after pic )

Here are my finished chairs! I’m really pleased with how they look and love how the colour compliments my cushion covers!

Next up my new table :)


  1. Oh my heavens! This is most definitely an upcycle. What a great result. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Thankyou!! I'm so chuffed with them!! :-)) x

  2. Love what you did <3 looks so nice!
    Chloe xx