Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Top tips to avoid being a stressful bride-to-be

Your mum inviting your long lost relative, Mrs Smith requesting not to sit next to Mr Smith , your friend won't eat chicken... All things that can cause possible Bridezilla-Esqe attitude, simply something all brides should try to avoid! I am guilty for falling into this trap and getting stressed at the most silly things; So here's  a few tips on how to battle wedding stress and enjoy yourself Pre-wedding! 

Get organised
Don't take your stress out on your amazing friends and family around you, get organised. Whether you grab a Notepad/Diary or Ipad or Laptop, find somewhere to store all your important wedding information. Especially, details of all the companies your using, dates of payments and contact details.

Make a list of payments and dates
In your diary make a list in chronilogical order of all your payment dates. Also use a notebook to make a monthly 'to do list' of what you need to accomplish that month.

I find the gym a great way to de-stress when everything's getting on top of me, take time to yourself to find something that helps you, whether its reading, writing or yoga.

You have so many willing friends and family around you that are more than happy to help you organise, plan or book things. Delegate to bridesmaids, family and even your inlaws! Give your hubby to be some jobs too, he will enjoy it I promise!

Don't stress, enjoy every moment, your only going to do this once!


  1. My sister was definitely a Bridezilla last year, it made us stressed as well haha x


    1. Yep I have been driving my family crazy! So I've been trying to be better!! Haha x