Monday, 20 February 2017

26 weeks | Travelling with bump |

Hi all 
I am 26 weeks now and writing from beautiful Salzburg,Austria! 
Do Rey Me Fa So La Tea! 

As a huge Sound of Music fan, visiting Salzburg is always something I have wanted to do! My Dad and I have spoke about it every year and it always seemed like a distant dream that may or may not ever happen ! So to be here is AMAZING- even pregnant ! 

I was a bit nervous about travelling pregnant, I love travelling and love flying but having a growing little person on board has definitely made me more cautious and nervous. I have to say I have been thoroughly surprised! Salzburg is great because it is quite a small city with great public transport. I haven't had to over do it walking everywhere and the flight was under 2 hours, which was also very smooth and pleasant, despite my many trips to the aeroplane toilet! 

Eating and drinking hasn't been a problem either, there are numerous amounts of quaint coffee shops throughout the city and I have been tucking into many a pastry from the hundreds of bakeries! The famous Apple Strudel counts as one of my Five a day right!? 

I would definitely recommend still travelling abroad, particularly second trimester, if you have been wanting too! I have had an amazing time so far and cannot wait to bring my little man here when he is as much of a fan as me !


Monday, 13 February 2017

24 & 25 Weeks | Exercise, Food cravings & Sleep |

Eek, totally forgot my 24 week post last week, General life and work kept me super busy, so I decided to mix week 24 & 25 together into one post!

Anyways, woo I'm 25 weeks!

I am getting more and more excited now as my bump starts to grow and I feel him kick and somersault more and more! I can't believe that in just a few short months our life is going to turn upside down and be completely amazing and crazy all at the same time ! 

Now I am feeling better I'm starting to think more about how much I miss exercise ! I know it's okay to put on weight and enjoy a cake or two when baby and me fancy it- yes I made a big batch of brownies this week and have almost consumed them all - but I really do miss the buzz exercise gives you and that 'me' time where I can de-stress! So, I've decided to start swimming ! Even if I only go once a week, it's meant to be great for you in pregnancy and really feel like I will benefit from it in the upcoming months! Plus, I really want to take him swimming once he arrives ! 

I've also been trying to add loads of fruit and veg to my meals this week! My appetite was so bland early pregnancy, so my meal variety was so limited. I feel like I missed out on so much goodness from fruit and veg I am doubling up on it now!

Although, I have felt lots of positives from pregnancy the last couple of weeks I have been struggling more with sleep, I am a belly sleeper. I love to sleep right on my front, leg stuck out with my head stuffed in the pillow. Inevitably with larger boobs and a bigger belly I am really struggling. I have been looking into a pregnancy pillow, but with only 15 weeks left I thought maybe I could manage without!? Any thoughts, should I bite the bullet and get one now!?

I also have a new found love for Instagram! I have always loved posting pictures and looking through other peoples posts, but never realised the real presence it has within the baby world. I now follow so many lovely accounts! Its so great for nursery inspiration, for advice on pregnancy and prepping for babies arrival and also for just generally cooing at cute babies!

Please keep sharing with me all your lovely tips and advice it is soo appreciated!