Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to make a cute Nook space

I love to re- use furniture that I have lost use for, my ethos is why buy something new when you can use something old to recreate It yourself? I am always on Pinterest looking for new ideas to spruce up my house and recently came across a cute Nook space made using the Ikea Kallax. Traditionally you buy compartments or drawers to fill them and they are used as a draw or cabinet, after looking through Pinterest I decided to use mine to create a bedside table/ bookcase Nook. It fits perfectly into the corner of our bedroom , yet looks so much more effective than a standard bedside table.
Here was my Pinspiration..

And here is mine, I added candles, pretty books and a wicker basket I even still have my lamp on top like I would have my bedside table.  I am still to finish, but I would like to add some pictures scattered on the wall behind or maybe even a mirror. I still have space in the boxes too, I’m thinking about adding a small plant or succulent to one of these areas.

( sorry for my terrible photo quality, bad lighting)

Do you have any Nook spaces around your house?

How have you made ideas from Pinterest or magazines your own?

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