Monday 20 February 2017

26 weeks | Travelling with bump |

Hi all 
I am 26 weeks now and writing from beautiful Salzburg,Austria! 
Do Rey Me Fa So La Tea! 

As a huge Sound of Music fan, visiting Salzburg is always something I have wanted to do! My Dad and I have spoke about it every year and it always seemed like a distant dream that may or may not ever happen ! So to be here is AMAZING- even pregnant ! 

I was a bit nervous about travelling pregnant, I love travelling and love flying but having a growing little person on board has definitely made me more cautious and nervous. I have to say I have been thoroughly surprised! Salzburg is great because it is quite a small city with great public transport. I haven't had to over do it walking everywhere and the flight was under 2 hours, which was also very smooth and pleasant, despite my many trips to the aeroplane toilet! 

Eating and drinking hasn't been a problem either, there are numerous amounts of quaint coffee shops throughout the city and I have been tucking into many a pastry from the hundreds of bakeries! The famous Apple Strudel counts as one of my Five a day right!? 

I would definitely recommend still travelling abroad, particularly second trimester, if you have been wanting too! I have had an amazing time so far and cannot wait to bring my little man here when he is as much of a fan as me !


Monday 13 February 2017

24 & 25 Weeks | Exercise, Food cravings & Sleep |

Eek, totally forgot my 24 week post last week, General life and work kept me super busy, so I decided to mix week 24 & 25 together into one post!

Anyways, woo I'm 25 weeks!

I am getting more and more excited now as my bump starts to grow and I feel him kick and somersault more and more! I can't believe that in just a few short months our life is going to turn upside down and be completely amazing and crazy all at the same time ! 

Now I am feeling better I'm starting to think more about how much I miss exercise ! I know it's okay to put on weight and enjoy a cake or two when baby and me fancy it- yes I made a big batch of brownies this week and have almost consumed them all - but I really do miss the buzz exercise gives you and that 'me' time where I can de-stress! So, I've decided to start swimming ! Even if I only go once a week, it's meant to be great for you in pregnancy and really feel like I will benefit from it in the upcoming months! Plus, I really want to take him swimming once he arrives ! 

I've also been trying to add loads of fruit and veg to my meals this week! My appetite was so bland early pregnancy, so my meal variety was so limited. I feel like I missed out on so much goodness from fruit and veg I am doubling up on it now!

Although, I have felt lots of positives from pregnancy the last couple of weeks I have been struggling more with sleep, I am a belly sleeper. I love to sleep right on my front, leg stuck out with my head stuffed in the pillow. Inevitably with larger boobs and a bigger belly I am really struggling. I have been looking into a pregnancy pillow, but with only 15 weeks left I thought maybe I could manage without!? Any thoughts, should I bite the bullet and get one now!?

I also have a new found love for Instagram! I have always loved posting pictures and looking through other peoples posts, but never realised the real presence it has within the baby world. I now follow so many lovely accounts! Its so great for nursery inspiration, for advice on pregnancy and prepping for babies arrival and also for just generally cooing at cute babies!

Please keep sharing with me all your lovely tips and advice it is soo appreciated!

Monday 30 January 2017

23 weeks | Nesting and organising baby clothes |

I am now 23 weeks yaaay.

Each week seems to be flying by at the moment; I know that before we know it he will be here! Although this week hasn’t been much different from the last I have noted down a few things that I have noticed this week. I am really nesting this week, any spare day I have I have been pottering around the house, cleaning, painting and trying to get everything perfect before he arrives! I have been looking through all our baby stuff so much this week. We have been gifted so many beautiful grows and clothes already and have been lucky enough to be handed down so much from lovely friends too (Thanks everybody!) I just can’t help but look at it all and get excited. It also gets my crazy organised head on, as I have been really eager to get everything we already have arranged into size and age categories.

We are planning on writing a list this week of the ‘essentials’ that we need, pram, car seat etc etc. It’s really hard as we are first time parents and have no bloody idea what we really need and those things that we really don’t need! You walk into a shop and there is so much that you never even really thought about, the question is, do we need it? Will it make our lives easier? Or will it just sit in a box totally unused and a total waste of money and space! I would love any suggestions of things that have been a necessity, or something you wish someone had told you about that has been a worthy purchase!

We have also booked two holidays this week which is pretty exciting! Our first little holiday as a family of three to St Ives in September and also a trip with friends to Centre Parcs at the end of November! It is going to be so strange having our little addition at both our holidays this year and we’re so excited to see how different it may make the holiday! I just can’t wait to see the first time he dips his little feet into the sea! <3

I have felt lots of movements this week and it is becoming pretty much part of my daily routine, in fact if I don’t feel him roll or kick for a few hours I actually feel a bit lonely! My bump is also noticeably bigger this week I finalllly look more like a pregnant lady than someone who ate too much turkey over Christmas. J

Although I have really enjoyed having loads more energy and motivation this week, I need to remember to relax, put my feet up and have lazy days as I have to say by the end of last week I was pretty pooped! More bubble baths and movie days in between all the nesting are important too!


Monday 23 January 2017

Pregnancy update | 22 weeks | Gender reveal

I haven’t been very active on my blog over the last year, mainly because life has been so busy and fun I just haven’t got round to it.
I’ve now decided I would like to make my blog more pregnancy and baby related, I want to look back one day and remember this pregnancy and be able to look back at all the ups and downs and maybe even give some help and advice along the way.
I’m planning on making a weekly diary post whilst pregnant and hope to be able to continue once our baby has arrived! Although this will be subject to the amount of sleep I have had J
So, here it goes.

I am now 22 weeks! As far as the second trimester goes, I have found it much better than the first! I have definitely regained some of my energy and thank goodness the sickness has stopped! I am definitely ‘nesting’, I have been going mad on Pinterest planning the nursery and the rest of the house. I am also gaining quite a few pounds, which at first was hard to accept, but now my little bump is coming along nicely it all feels worth it!
As for this week in particular it has not been my best. Although I have been feeling baby move and kick more than ever, which by the way is the most amazing thing in the world, I have been suffering this week. Exhaustion seems to have hit me again and have been getting lots of aches and pains, I’m presuming down to my uterus growing and ligament pains! Yay! But I have been resting up and trying to slow my pace down a bit and this seems to have helped! I have been feeling movements now for a good three weeks and I absolutely love it, kicks, rolls and somersaults in my belly! We have also been picking up more baby bits this week; we bought our first baby blanket, which I am in love with from John Lewis. I can’t wait to bring baby home wrapped up in it! We have also been buying some necessities E.G nappies, fun times! I think I got a bargain in Tesco 2 x 54 for £8!
So, we also now know the gender of our baby, which we really weren’t planning at first. Everything so far has been neutral and all that mattered to us was that our baby was healthy and well. Let’s just say, temptation got the better of us and at our 20 week scan we couldn’t resist.

We’re having a BOY!
We have only really told immediate family so I thought this would be a nice way to share with friends and family and everyone else that may read! Plus I was going to find it so hard to call him ‘baby’ in all my posts without slipping up!
I hope you enjoyed my 22 week update and feel free to leave any pregnancy tips and advice!


Thursday 24 November 2016

The First Trimester

For me, it was my first experience of being pregnant. Excitement and nerves overwhelmed me as I contemplated what was about to happen to me and my body over the next nine months. I wanted to tell everybody and share our exciting news, but as the days past, to be honest all I wanted to do was, eat, sleep and puke. Sorry to be blunt.

Bread and my afternoon nap quickly became my new best friend, when I wasn’t eating I felt nauseous and when I wasn’t feeling nauseous I was staring at my pizza face. I know I am making this out to be oh so glamourous… but there are positives too. I am not saying now is the time to start ‘eating for two’ but I have relaxed my strict diet and fitness regime and took some time out for ‘me’. I still eat well, most of the time, but do not deny myself; if I want that piece of cake I will have it.

The hardest thing about the first trimester is that you pretty much have to suffer in silence. Your husband or partner will probably be fed up of your moaning and constant need for odd requests at any time of the day, but let me assure you this is all normal – well that’s what I tell him…

Although the first trimester can be difficult, the moment you see the fluttering of baby’s heartbeat on your first scan, everything will be worth it. Yes the raging hormones, the sickness, the spots, the exhaustion will all seem a distant memory when you realise the amazing baby you have been creating.
Comments, tips and advice appreciated


Thursday 4 February 2016

How to slim down & get fit for your perfect wedding dress

ME, a runner?
I never thought I would see the day. 
Cross country, actually running in general, was something I fiercely avoided throughout my entire time at school, as well as the rest of my adult life. That was until, January 2015.
I had just under a year, to try to look my best for my wedding day and with dress shopping looming I knew I had to start a fitness and healthy eating regime that would work. So, yes I started running.
At first, I found it really hard, but before I knew it I was running 3k, three times a week, this might not sound a lot; but for me this was a massive achievement and I could see the results. 
I paired this with a healthy balanced diet and before I knew it inches were flying off my waist, bust and hips! 
Did I indulge in some cake every now and again? sure I did, but by being at the gym I knew I could work it off later!
So my first bit of advice is, get active. It doesn't have to be running, walk, take a class at your local gym, skip, hop, even walk to work. I promise in a year you won't only see the results on the scales, but your body shape as well.

Be realistic, I have never been a size 6- I was never going to be. But, I was OK with that! Learn to love your body and get a dress that suits you
Don't let those dress shop ladies put you down! I was determined to purchase and fit into a size smaller than they recommended and I shocked them all by loosing the inches I had set out too !
 I mean don't go crazy and try to fit in a dress four dress sizes smaller, but if you have a realistic goal it will keep you motivated. You can do it.

Towards the last few months of the wedding, I still had a few stubborn lbs I wanted to get rid of. No matter how much cake I refused, or how much I worked out I couldn't shift it. A friend recommended me to slimming world and I have never looked back, within weeks I had lost the last half a stone and fit perfectly into my dress.
 I would never have done a crash or faddy diet for my big day as I wanted this to change my lifestyle forever. Slimming world is a lifestyle change, I eat mountains of healthy food and find I am never hungry! 

In total I lost approximately 1 stone 10 lbs, my body shape and tone has improved massively and I finally feel happy with my body! My dress fit me perfectly and it was worth every bit of sweat in the gym! Get fit, get healthy and make some genuine changes to your lifestyle and you can achieve anything!  

I wish I could do my wedding all over again! I am so proud of myself for getting into my dress and will have the photos to cherish forever! <3



me on the right>>


Sunday 17 January 2016

Top 10 blogs I love to read

As much as I enjoy writing my blog, I also love to read others blog’s. A nice cup of tea and any of these fab blogs are the perfect way to start my day! Anything home, food or travel related ticks my boxes. 
Here are some of my favourite bloggers! If you want some home, baking or life inspiration; or perhaps even some blog ideas check these lovely blogs out!


Enjoy <3