Saturday, 14 March 2015

WEDMIN - where to start?

I have been engaged since August 2013, so I have had plenty of time to plan our wedding, I have tried to keep the designs, colours and my ideas for the day quite secretive as I want everything to be a surprise for people on the day, but I can share some of my tips on what I thought was most helpful at the start of my planning...

Wedding Fayres
Visiting local wedding fayres was really helpful and informative, we could see all the local wedding experts, talk to people about prices and from that we could gauge our rough wedding budget, we also got lots of free goodie bags :)

Bridal magazines
I found some bridal magazines really great and some not so great, I loved looking through for inspiration, I cut out pictures of things I liked and stuck it in my scrapbook :)

Making a wedding scrapbook
My wedding scrap book started off as mood boards of inspiration and pictures I liked. I now use it to add details of our guestlist, admin, costs of things, its great to have one book with everything you need in. The ideas of things you like might change (mine have) but its great to have anyway:)

PINTEREST IS AMAZING. You make boards and 'pin' pictures into the boards, I've sub-catagorised my boards eg. cakes, dresses, themes, bridesmaids (you get the picture) and I have used it for so much of my inspiration. It gave me ideas I never could have thought of by myself. Note - be realistic, all your home made versions may not look as great as they do in the pictures:)

I would love to hear of any resources people use or have used when planning their wedding?

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