Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dunlem, Yummy food & Scrabble champion!

I recently popped to the 'seaside town' of Weston super-mare with friends for a bit of window shopping and some dinner. We popped to the amazing Dunelm, had some yummy homemade food and even played scrabble (we are so exciting). 
The Dunelm in Weston is amazing because it is so big! If you have never been to a Dunelm it is mainly home furnishings and accessories, duvets, pillows, kitchen ware, you get the picture. My favourite area of Dunlem is their material section. It gave me so many ideas of things I want to make, up cycle projects and they have a seriously good variety to choose from!
I've been wanting a table cover for my dining room table and picked up a great one really cheap! They had so much to choose from but I fell in love with this chicken one, it has a real 'farmhouse' feel to it, plus I love anything with farm or wild animals on. I loved the print so much I brought a matching tray to go with it :)

 I'm unsure if it matches my new cushions?!

After Dunelm we got cosy with cups of tea, ate yummy homemade Spag Bol and played scrabble.

Overall a great afternoon 

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