Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Taking you to Mack Lake Rd Nova Scotia, Canada

Exactly five years ago I was in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is by far one of the most beautiful, picturesque places I have ever been and I would love to back. I wanted to share my great memories and pictures of this amazing part of the country. 
The Lake that my Uncle's house is on (photo stole from my Grandad - a previous trip)
 Snowy unreachable New York, only got stuck here in a hotel for 3 days:(

 House on the lake, Mack Lake Rd

 Everywhere is like this, felt like something out of twilight

 Mahone Bay - seaside towns

 Countless nights spent here, playing cards and drinking hot chocolate:)
 THE best coffee shop, and they do drive thru! Dairy Queens ice cream parlour is a must visit also!


You really feel like you take a step back in time in Nova Scotia, the people are so friendly, the wildlife and surroundings are out of this world, the coffee, ice-cream and food are to die for! 

Where in Canada should I go next!?

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