Saturday, 25 July 2015

What I've been eating on Instagram!


From top to bottom

Picture 1. We had dinner at The Mezze in our local town before the theatre, I love eating here as you get to sample a bit of everything and it is truly tasty!
Picture 2 & 3. Liam's burger at The Burger Joint and their incredible menu. You completely customise your own burger, the lunch offer includes a side and a drink - Warning - the sides are Humongous!
Picture 4. Nibbles with Sammy & Kate at The Grain Barge in Bristol, I thought I was getting a small side of bread and olives as you can see I got a very large portion but perfect for sharing! Their home made hummus was delightful!
Picture 5. I was experimenting with Avacado, which I have never really liked, but for the health benefit gave it another go. On top of some wholemeal toast topped with an egg I really enjoyed it!
Picture 6. Cauliflower rice, my new favourite side dish, it tastes just as yummy as rice, with less carbs and bloating. I added lentils and spinach it was really tasty!
Picture 7. We had a naughty treat at TGI Fridays, this was their Hot dog with pulled pork, I loved how it was served, but couldn't manage the chips once I had reached the bottom!
Picture 8. Hobbs House Bakery Eccles cake. We stopped off at a service station on the way to West Midlands Safari park and I couldn't resist a pastry from one of my favourite bakers!
Picture 9. Home made fudge - need I say more. I didn't buy any unfortunately but it looked lovely!
Picture 10. Yummy Nando's Mediterranean Salad, with plenty of feta and olives! We had a side of their new sweet potato wedges also, they were amazing!



  1. All looks so delicious <3 this post made me so hungry ;) Love the photos!!
    Chloe xx

  2. I have been following our blog for a while now and I love it!!!! Love your design to its GAWJUS!!
    keep up the fantastic work

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    1. Thanks so much ! I will check out your blog :-))