Saturday, 18 July 2015

How to D.I.Y Wedding invites & Save the Dates

One of my favourite parts of the wedding prep was making our Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations. Now we have, hopefully, sent all of them out to our guests I can share how I made them, where I purchased various things and any helpful hints and tips I found useful along the way. 
We started by going on Pinterest and trying to get a theme for both the save the date and the invite. We pinned hundreds of different styles, Black and white, Country, Gatsby theme , I really loved using Pinterest for this as you could have something really original and fun. 

Save the dates
We decided we liked the idea of a save the date stamp, this meant getting a PDF stamp made and buying card and ink and hand stamping our save the dates. I love making things by hand and this was so easy. We ordered our save the date stamp on Etsy.com, we also used their website for our invites! Once we had ordered and given the details of our wedding, names, date etc our stamp was created and sent within 3 weeks, we brought our ink and card and off we went! Within an hour I had stamped away and made all our save the dates! This was really inexpensive, fun and personal we loved them! 

Wedding Invitation
As I did with the save the dates, I pinned away until we found the kind of design we were looking for. We also used a company from Etsy.com, we just loved how simple it was, you can virtually scroll through and they make your wedding invite from the template you have chosen. We chose to have ours as a PDF and print it out ourselves but they do give you the option to have them printed professionally, possibly the easier option, but hey I like a challenge. This is where I reeled in the bridesmaids, I think they thought they just got to parade around in a pretty dress, oh no! We spent several hours, maybe even days cutting and sticking until our hands were sore, but finally finished them. We were so pleased with the results and everyone said how ‘us’ they were! I had to say I hope they were ‘us’ after the tedious hours we spent cutting and sticking. Although doing it this way was a bit stressful we saved a lot of money doing them ourselves, but still had the quality we wanted! 

Best resources for D.I.Y invites

Pinterest – Obviously
Etsy – If not for purchasing, for great inspiration and ideas. I love their website and will definitely be using them again for other bits for the wedding!
Hobbycraft – For your card, ink, glue, scissors, glitter or anything else you might want for decoration
The Range – I used the range for things I couldn’t find in Hobbycraft
Friends, Family & the Hubby to be – Most of your friends and family will be more than happy to get stuck in and help! Don’t let your future hubby get away with not getting involved, the ‘I might ruin them’ doesn’t cut it!

Have you made your invites? What has been your favourite part of your wedding planning!? 

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