Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Good morning !

Morning all, it's 8.30 AM and I have already been up for two hours, been to the gym, had breakfast and showered! Result. I am off to Bath today for a girly day with family, the best kind of day. At present, it even looks like the sun may be peeking out of the clouds for us, which brings my so far productive day to a halt, what do I wear!? I hope I'm not the only person who currently has this daily struggle. With the weather being so unpredictable I have ended up wearing knitwear in 20+ degrees and shorts in the rain! They have promised us a heat wave in August, were almost there so I think I'll be optimistic and opt for a more summery outfit. 

We are still without WIFI  at the house, which as well as me being off work at the moment has contributed to a massive lack of blogging. I've been super busy - what can I say?

To see what I've been up to on my time off work, take a look at my Instagram or Twitter @Fairybumpkin
Have a great day:-)

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