Monday, 13 July 2015

Coffee shops & Wedding countdown

I love to sit in a cafe with a nice cup of tea or coffee as I people watch. Today, is a Latte kind of day, its pretty wet and grim outside, yet humid and I'm back in my dirty converse and checked shirt. The Barista made no particular effort with my coffee today and it tastes pretty average, I worked in a Coffee shop for about a year so not only am I a coffee snob but I love a good bit of latte art. As I'm sat here today I'm among mainly the 9-5 workers off society, sipping coffee and having video conversations on their laptops, however, one has just asked how to spell 'Jagerbombs' J-ager-bombs, she says aloud, quite amusing. 

Mainly, I'm sat here sorting out my wedding list for the next month or so. I can't quite believe I only have four months to go. Dress fittings, food tasting, table plan making, hair and makeup trials all have to be fitted in within four months. It's hard not to think back to almost two years ago when Liam first proposed, I massively underestimated the work that really goes into a wedding, the stress, the money, the aunt that you haven't seen in five years but must attend the wedding. It excites me that most of the stress and anxiety that comes along with planning a wedding is almost over, but I also get emotional this experience is almost at an end. I will never get to send out wedding invites again, the dress I have purchased I will wear for one day and probably never wear again, unless I'm bored and no one is around that is ... 

Thankfully with the downsides, there is also a massive amount of excitement and happiness that outweighs everything. How will day will turn out? I know it is going to be the most amazing day shared with friends and family and the best part is the unknown, what will married life bring? I am so excited for every part of a marriage and what seems like a stressful time has shown me what amazing friends and family we both have that have carried us to this moment. 

I plan to enjoy every moment in the next four months, as much as my control freak brain will allow. I'm never going to do any of this again, so I want to take millions of photos of every step and share the next four months with my closest friends and family and of course my hubby to be.