Monday, 30 January 2017

23 weeks | Nesting and organising baby clothes |

I am now 23 weeks yaaay.

Each week seems to be flying by at the moment; I know that before we know it he will be here! Although this week hasn’t been much different from the last I have noted down a few things that I have noticed this week. I am really nesting this week, any spare day I have I have been pottering around the house, cleaning, painting and trying to get everything perfect before he arrives! I have been looking through all our baby stuff so much this week. We have been gifted so many beautiful grows and clothes already and have been lucky enough to be handed down so much from lovely friends too (Thanks everybody!) I just can’t help but look at it all and get excited. It also gets my crazy organised head on, as I have been really eager to get everything we already have arranged into size and age categories.

We are planning on writing a list this week of the ‘essentials’ that we need, pram, car seat etc etc. It’s really hard as we are first time parents and have no bloody idea what we really need and those things that we really don’t need! You walk into a shop and there is so much that you never even really thought about, the question is, do we need it? Will it make our lives easier? Or will it just sit in a box totally unused and a total waste of money and space! I would love any suggestions of things that have been a necessity, or something you wish someone had told you about that has been a worthy purchase!

We have also booked two holidays this week which is pretty exciting! Our first little holiday as a family of three to St Ives in September and also a trip with friends to Centre Parcs at the end of November! It is going to be so strange having our little addition at both our holidays this year and we’re so excited to see how different it may make the holiday! I just can’t wait to see the first time he dips his little feet into the sea! <3

I have felt lots of movements this week and it is becoming pretty much part of my daily routine, in fact if I don’t feel him roll or kick for a few hours I actually feel a bit lonely! My bump is also noticeably bigger this week I finalllly look more like a pregnant lady than someone who ate too much turkey over Christmas. J

Although I have really enjoyed having loads more energy and motivation this week, I need to remember to relax, put my feet up and have lazy days as I have to say by the end of last week I was pretty pooped! More bubble baths and movie days in between all the nesting are important too!



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