Monday, 23 January 2017

Pregnancy update | 22 weeks | Gender reveal

I haven’t been very active on my blog over the last year, mainly because life has been so busy and fun I just haven’t got round to it.
I’ve now decided I would like to make my blog more pregnancy and baby related, I want to look back one day and remember this pregnancy and be able to look back at all the ups and downs and maybe even give some help and advice along the way.
I’m planning on making a weekly diary post whilst pregnant and hope to be able to continue once our baby has arrived! Although this will be subject to the amount of sleep I have had J
So, here it goes.

I am now 22 weeks! As far as the second trimester goes, I have found it much better than the first! I have definitely regained some of my energy and thank goodness the sickness has stopped! I am definitely ‘nesting’, I have been going mad on Pinterest planning the nursery and the rest of the house. I am also gaining quite a few pounds, which at first was hard to accept, but now my little bump is coming along nicely it all feels worth it!
As for this week in particular it has not been my best. Although I have been feeling baby move and kick more than ever, which by the way is the most amazing thing in the world, I have been suffering this week. Exhaustion seems to have hit me again and have been getting lots of aches and pains, I’m presuming down to my uterus growing and ligament pains! Yay! But I have been resting up and trying to slow my pace down a bit and this seems to have helped! I have been feeling movements now for a good three weeks and I absolutely love it, kicks, rolls and somersaults in my belly! We have also been picking up more baby bits this week; we bought our first baby blanket, which I am in love with from John Lewis. I can’t wait to bring baby home wrapped up in it! We have also been buying some necessities E.G nappies, fun times! I think I got a bargain in Tesco 2 x 54 for £8!
So, we also now know the gender of our baby, which we really weren’t planning at first. Everything so far has been neutral and all that mattered to us was that our baby was healthy and well. Let’s just say, temptation got the better of us and at our 20 week scan we couldn’t resist.

We’re having a BOY!
We have only really told immediate family so I thought this would be a nice way to share with friends and family and everyone else that may read! Plus I was going to find it so hard to call him ‘baby’ in all my posts without slipping up!
I hope you enjoyed my 22 week update and feel free to leave any pregnancy tips and advice!


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