Monday, 20 February 2017

26 weeks | Travelling with bump |

Hi all 
I am 26 weeks now and writing from beautiful Salzburg,Austria! 
Do Rey Me Fa So La Tea! 

As a huge Sound of Music fan, visiting Salzburg is always something I have wanted to do! My Dad and I have spoke about it every year and it always seemed like a distant dream that may or may not ever happen ! So to be here is AMAZING- even pregnant ! 

I was a bit nervous about travelling pregnant, I love travelling and love flying but having a growing little person on board has definitely made me more cautious and nervous. I have to say I have been thoroughly surprised! Salzburg is great because it is quite a small city with great public transport. I haven't had to over do it walking everywhere and the flight was under 2 hours, which was also very smooth and pleasant, despite my many trips to the aeroplane toilet! 

Eating and drinking hasn't been a problem either, there are numerous amounts of quaint coffee shops throughout the city and I have been tucking into many a pastry from the hundreds of bakeries! The famous Apple Strudel counts as one of my Five a day right!? 

I would definitely recommend still travelling abroad, particularly second trimester, if you have been wanting too! I have had an amazing time so far and cannot wait to bring my little man here when he is as much of a fan as me !



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