Thursday, 24 November 2016

The First Trimester

For me, it was my first experience of being pregnant. Excitement and nerves overwhelmed me as I contemplated what was about to happen to me and my body over the next nine months. I wanted to tell everybody and share our exciting news, but as the days past, to be honest all I wanted to do was, eat, sleep and puke. Sorry to be blunt.

Bread and my afternoon nap quickly became my new best friend, when I wasn’t eating I felt nauseous and when I wasn’t feeling nauseous I was staring at my pizza face. I know I am making this out to be oh so glamourous… but there are positives too. I am not saying now is the time to start ‘eating for two’ but I have relaxed my strict diet and fitness regime and took some time out for ‘me’. I still eat well, most of the time, but do not deny myself; if I want that piece of cake I will have it.

The hardest thing about the first trimester is that you pretty much have to suffer in silence. Your husband or partner will probably be fed up of your moaning and constant need for odd requests at any time of the day, but let me assure you this is all normal – well that’s what I tell him…

Although the first trimester can be difficult, the moment you see the fluttering of baby’s heartbeat on your first scan, everything will be worth it. Yes the raging hormones, the sickness, the spots, the exhaustion will all seem a distant memory when you realise the amazing baby you have been creating.
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