Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to slim down & get fit for your perfect wedding dress

ME, a runner?
I never thought I would see the day. 
Cross country, actually running in general, was something I fiercely avoided throughout my entire time at school, as well as the rest of my adult life. That was until, January 2015.
I had just under a year, to try to look my best for my wedding day and with dress shopping looming I knew I had to start a fitness and healthy eating regime that would work. So, yes I started running.
At first, I found it really hard, but before I knew it I was running 3k, three times a week, this might not sound a lot; but for me this was a massive achievement and I could see the results. 
I paired this with a healthy balanced diet and before I knew it inches were flying off my waist, bust and hips! 
Did I indulge in some cake every now and again? sure I did, but by being at the gym I knew I could work it off later!
So my first bit of advice is, get active. It doesn't have to be running, walk, take a class at your local gym, skip, hop, even walk to work. I promise in a year you won't only see the results on the scales, but your body shape as well.

Be realistic, I have never been a size 6- I was never going to be. But, I was OK with that! Learn to love your body and get a dress that suits you
Don't let those dress shop ladies put you down! I was determined to purchase and fit into a size smaller than they recommended and I shocked them all by loosing the inches I had set out too !
 I mean don't go crazy and try to fit in a dress four dress sizes smaller, but if you have a realistic goal it will keep you motivated. You can do it.

Towards the last few months of the wedding, I still had a few stubborn lbs I wanted to get rid of. No matter how much cake I refused, or how much I worked out I couldn't shift it. A friend recommended me to slimming world and I have never looked back, within weeks I had lost the last half a stone and fit perfectly into my dress.
 I would never have done a crash or faddy diet for my big day as I wanted this to change my lifestyle forever. Slimming world is a lifestyle change, I eat mountains of healthy food and find I am never hungry! 

In total I lost approximately 1 stone 10 lbs, my body shape and tone has improved massively and I finally feel happy with my body! My dress fit me perfectly and it was worth every bit of sweat in the gym! Get fit, get healthy and make some genuine changes to your lifestyle and you can achieve anything!  

I wish I could do my wedding all over again! I am so proud of myself for getting into my dress and will have the photos to cherish forever! <3



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