Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My top five healthy meal swaps

I am such a big fan of cereal so swapping all the naughty cereals for a healthy option in the morning was really hard for me. I realised it was all about portion size and eating something that was going to keep me full in till lunch.
I've been really enjoying porridge, I buy the sachets and have been experimenting with the different flavours as well as adding my own fruit and nuts. Its great because I can easily manage my portion control and its super tasty!
Weetabix and fruit is also another favourite of mine at the moment, I have always loved Weetabix and it definitely gives me loads of energy in the morning! I top it with some of my favourite fruits, its so great and refreshing for the morning and also really quick to make!

Lunch options
I have been mixing up my lunch options to try and cut out unneeded fats and sugars but also feel full! I have been experimenting with home - made soups which I have found really filling, also if i'm fancying something lighter Crisp bread with Dairylea and cucumber!

SNACK time
I don't know about you but for me there's always that time of day when you feel like you need to grab something naughty, sugar, chocolate or savoury. My enemy is chocolate, so instead of grabbing a small bar, or some sweets I have been trading them in for cereal bars or a yogurt. Some cereal bars can be quite high in sugar, but if it keeps the chocolate at bay I'm happy! Muller have some really great yogurt options at the moment which are great for a treat after dinner, my favourite is Muller Light strawberry cheesecake :) 

Eating out
It can be really hard to eat out and eat healthy. There are so many temptations around, especially with the massive increase in restaurants and takeaways being right on our doorstep. I recently went to Las Iguanas, I enjoyed a delicious meal and kept reasonably healthy. I usually begrudge buying a salad when i'm out for food but this mango, pecan and goats cheese salad was so tasty. I had some bread and olives as a side along with some re-fried beans and I didn't feel cheated at all. Avoid the places you know you will be tempted to eat bad, but don't forget to have a treat every now and again.

Go Vege
I was a vegetarian for about  four years when I was younger so I already really enjoy vegetarian food. Try swapping meat in your meals for Quorn and see the difference. Its not only lower in fat but full of protein and can be frozen to stay fresh! I swap meat for a Vege alternative as often as I can and find this really helps with keeping fit and healthy!

(Halloumi Burger)

What do you do to keep fit & healthy?
What healthy swaps have you made to your lifestyle?


  1. Love this!! some great ideas <3 I am veggie got to love a bit of Quorn!! made me really hungry reading this!!
    Chloe xx

    1. I'm hungry looking back through! :) thanks!!
      Jade x