Saturday, 11 April 2015

April, Health Kick update & re-joining the gym

So far -9lbs and feeling great.
The first month was a blast, weight was dropping off every week and I was managing to stay clear of bad foods. The following month was harder as I started to plateau and Easter, well that's another story. I have managed to still maintain the weight I have lost but still feel I have a bit more to loose before I am happy! 

April has meant a new goal, starting back at the gym, after plateauing with my weight I came to the realisation that I would have to start back at the gym if I wanted to keep loosing weight healthily. Although at first I was skeptical I am now really enjoying the feeling of exercise again! I am aiming to tone up and do lots of cardio to burn some extra calories. So far with my healthy eating I am getting plenty of energy for the gym but the hard part will be fitting it around my shifts, nurse problems! So far, I am feeling positive!

Do you have any tips for living and healthy life style and getting fit & toned!?

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