Thursday, 13 November 2014


November is probably one of my favourite months of the year.

November sets in stone the beginning of the cold winter months where we wrap ourselves in scarves & coats, drink hot chocolate and take winter walks through crunchy orange leaves. We indulge in days on the sofa watching movies whilst it rains outside, comfort foods and even a bit of early Christmas shopping, for those of us who are super organised that is :) 

November for me, so far, has included two amazing firework displays, plenty of cosy movie nights, including my favourite Harry Potter! I watch Harry Potter films a ridiculous amount anyway, but this time of year I personally love watching them even more, they feel really Autumnal and Christmassy :) I have enjoyed many a coffee date, mainly involving hazelnut hot chocolates and chocolate brownies. I have also really embraced November the 11Th this year and remembrance Sunday. I brought a lovely knitted poppy and also made some poppy jam tarts. I thought the poppy display in London was really lovely and disappointed I didn't get to visit it. November has also influenced some lovely Autumnal purchases, including my new tartan pillow, some knitted tights and some new candles:)

Happy November :)

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