Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fun Festive buys

This time of year is great for the 'special addition' festive buys. Not only did I pick up some lovely autumn inspired flowers this week, but I have managed to pick up some great Christmas buys as well.

My favourite buy of the week was my shawl from Matalan. It is thick and woolly and wraps around like a cardigan, but has the texture and look of a scarf. The plum, orange and navy colours compliment each other perfectly and make me feel really festive. Matalan had some great Autumn and Winter stock I would recommend a visit!
I have really been embracing the autumn lip this year, so I picked myself up another lipstick product this week. I am usually a fan of the more expensive brands of makeup, but when I am uncertain of weather I might like something I prefer to try a high street brand first. I picked up the Maybelline 'Color Drama' kohl in shade 'Berry much'. Having never used a lip kohl before I was optimistic about whether the colour would be powerful enough and whether the quality would be good. I loved this product, the colour is a beautiful plum colour, the Kohl liner is really easy to apply and wears off the lip naturally. It has a smooth texture on your lips and has a great matte finish. Very impressive high street find :)

I can't help buying Christmas smelling items for the home this time of year. I picked up two fantastic smelling items today at my local supermarket. First, I brought a Glade home spray in 'Warm Spice' It smells of a mix between Cinnamon, Orange and Jasmine. It makes me feel like I am curled up next to a warm open fire with logs burning, its a really beautiful Christmas smell. I also brought a 'Spiced apple' plug in by Ambi Pur, again another really warm Christmas fragrance. I also couldn't resist buying a tiny Christmas tree in a cute red pot...it was calling my name:)

To do list
.Make house smell like Christmas 
.Visit Bath Christmas markets
.Wrap Christmas presents
.Get Christmas Tree
.Make Christmas biscuits

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