Friday, 27 February 2015

Disneyland Paris tips and tricks

I went to Disneyland Paris in December and had THE best trip. Here's a few tips and tricks to make the most of your trip.

. Book the extra nights deal
We had four nights for the price of two in a Disney hotel, although you could see everything in 2-3 days you can go and do all your favourite things again with the extra days and nights!

. Stay in a Disney hotel
Not only are most of the Disney hotels within walking distance but you can also get free shuttles all day from your hotel to the parks free. It also entitles you to extra hours in the parks, which you need if you want to get your photos with the characters. Minnie and Mickey are always at the parks really early and if you don't get in the queue early enough you won't get a photo!

.Stick around for the fireworks and the shows in the daytime
They really are magically, if you don't fancy it, take this time to get back on some of your favourite rides as the queues tend to be much smaller at these times.

.Use the fast track system
 Some of the new and popular rides, Ratatouille, Tower of Terror etc have very large queues. The fast track system gives you a ticket and gives you a time slot to come back later avoiding all the main queues!

.Go in all the shops 
Although a lot of the merchandise in the shops looks the same it is not, each shop has something different!

. Take your own water and snacks in to the park, even left over breakfast :) 
Contrary to what people say you are allowed to take your own food and drink into the park! Water, drinks and snacks are very expensive so save where you can by taking your own in! 

Most importantly ENJOY!

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