Monday, 23 February 2015

Rose tea

I recently spent the day in the lovely quaint town of Winchester. I was lucky enough to stumble across a small independent coffee shop, Café Monde.  As we stepped in we were greeted by friendly staff who told us to take a seat upstairs. We managed to grab a cosy seat by a window in the corner, perfect for people watching and admiring Winchester’s culture. We were sat on old wooden tables and chairs and surrounded by old artefacts, including a very old vintage radio playing the music in the background. The overall feel was very casual and cosy – perfect.

Gazing over the menu I was very impressed the variety of teas, as well as the delicious vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options on the menu. I always like to try new things, especially teas, so I choose a Rose Tea. 
The tea was presented in a charming red teapot, with the ‘Brewhaha’ packet delicately attached. Once brewed the tea was quite an ‘English breakfast tea 'colour with a sprinkle of pink. The aroma was sensational; it honestly smelt like fresh cut roses. The taste is very dry and fresh and not too sweet at all. 
Brewhaha teas are made using the finest Sri Lankan tea; Ceylon tea is renowned around the world for being the best tasting tea. They package Brewhaha tea in Sri Lanka which adds to its freshness. After buying a box of the Rose Tea for myself in the café, I had to check online to see if I could keep my supply stocked up! I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of teas available on their website, including a variety of fruit teas as well as ‘super cleansing’ and ‘slimming’ tea. Check them out for yourself on …   http://www.brewhahatea.co.uk 
So try some Rose Tea and visit Café Monde if you get the chance :)

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