Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Vege Chicken 'n' rice

I jumped out of my comfort zone with this recipe, as chicken and rice can be pretty bland and boring. I was worried I wouldn’t achieve the full flavour and it would be a flop, but I was proven wrong. This dish was really yummy, I made a few alterations to suit my taste buds, but it tasted pretty dam good… Here’s how I did it.

You will need

For the Chicken
Quorn style chicken pieces
1tsp vegetable oil
Fry light – lots of pumps
2tbsp Soy sauce
2 Garlic Cloves, chopped finely
½ Lemon grated & zested
Salt & Black pepper
1tbsp clear honey

For the Rice
Fry light
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Splash of Soy sauce
2 Spring onions, finely chopped
50g Fresh or frozen peas, or more if you like
150g Brown rice
3-4tbsp Coriander
Lime wedges to serve

Begin by boiling your rice, and leaving to simmer

Place fry light, the oil, soy sauce, garlic and lemon zest and juice into a bowl. Add the frozen Quorn chicken pieces and mix so they are covered

Heat marinated Quorn in a pan and drizzle the honey, trying to coat all the pieces

Meanwhile, for the rice, heat a wok and spray with fry light, once the fry light has warmed add you eggs and mix for 1-2 minutes until scrambled

Add the spring onion, peas and cook for a few minutes

Add the cooked rice, a splash of soy sauce and mix, season with your coriander

To serve, spoon your rice onto plates top with your Quorn and serve with wedges of lime


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