Thursday, 4 June 2015

My best & Worst Beauty products

Over the years I have tried and tested so many different hair, makeup and beauty products. I have tried highly recommended products, high end and budget products and even products I have randomly picked out when I fancied something new. We have to remember, everyone’s skin and hair are different, so what works for some might not always work for you- I have definitely found this out the hard way- but here are my personal best and worst products available on the market right now.

Best products

Estee Lauder Doublewear
I have been wearing Double wear for over 6 years. I always swapped from a variety of high end brands with foundation, from MAC, Chanel, Clinique and even Lancome which I must say is a close second favourite, but I completely cannot fault Estee Lauder’s Double wear. It is almost something you want to keep secret it is so great! It’s flawless cover, that really does last up to 12 hours, is personally towering above any other brand of foundation I have tried – I have tried plenty. You will need a good makeup remover and cleanser though as this stuff does take a firm hand to get off J

Chanel Bronzer
Bronzers and Blush palettes really vary with each person but I really love the tone of my Chanel Bronze, it comes with a great sized mirror and blending brush, although I tend to use a bigger brush for application. It was pretty expensive but it has already lasted me 18 months!

Lancome eyeshadows
I purchased my first Lancome eyeshadow 8 years ago, I chose a deep midnight blue and a silver after a makeup artist did a smoky eye effect on me in boots. I brought these same two colours year after year as I loved them so much. They had the perfect amount of shimmer and matte and the colours blended looked amazing, I have since expanded my collection and have never turned back since. They last so long that they are really worth the money!

John Frieda repair mask
I cannot praise this product enough, as I’m sure I have already mentioned it in a previous blog, but my hair would not be what it was now without this product. I have always loved having long hair, but for years suffered with really dry, thin, scraggly ends. My Nan purchased this for me a few Christmases’ ago and I have used it ever since. I use it every few washes and if I get the chance I will leave it in for a few hours for extra conditioning. It leaves my hair soft, thick and super smooth; it has helped my hair grow in a healthy way and kept it in great condition even throughout the colouring of my hair.

Sleek Blush palette
I purchased a trio Sleek palette back in the Autumn, the price was super reasonable and the colours are really pigmented. You actually only need the tiniest bit, or it can be a bit over powering. I really like that you have a shimmery blush, the colour and shimmer blend to make for a really nice highlighter.

Worst Products

YSL Touche Eclat
I don’t know how many years I have read this product reviewed in magazines, but after years of reading about it, I finally got to try it. I picked it up on a flight home on offer, and was so chuffed, until I tried it. Personally, the colour had a very red tone, which I didn’t like. The coverage was very average and the applicator made you almost wasteful of the product. After hearing people rave about it for so many years, I was completely disappointed.

Estee Lauder blush

Being a firm fan of the foundations I decided to try a Blush one day when I was feeling a bit ‘splurgy’. The colour is, OK, but I should have chosen the shimmer palette over the matte one as I find it doesn’t really stand out very much. I do like it, but I wouldn’t buy the same one again, I would maybe go for a shimmer.

Whats your best product?
Have you ever been let down by a product?

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