Thursday, 14 May 2015

Destination check list

I am a massive fan of holidays and traveling. I am so lucky to have already visited some amazing places in the world, however, I am beginning to have serious withdrawals. So naturally, as us women do, I have started compiling a list of places I really want to visit in the next two years... recommendations welcome.

We have already booked our holiday to Florida next year for our honeymoon, I can’t wait to go back as it’s such an amazing place there is so much to see and do. Me and my husband to be (that sounds so weird) are already planning where we want to eat, the shopping and obviously which parks we want to visit first J

I have never visited anywhere like Morocco, but I can imagine the culture and cities are beautiful. I love the idea of popping to the markets, trying new cuisines and relaxing all in the same place. I’m gradually getting bored of those holidays where you sit by a pool all day, so I think somewhere like this would be really interesting and fun!

The Big Apple
I’m pretty sure it’s every girls dream to go to New York City! I have always dreamed of visiting near Christmas, perhaps with the chance of a sprinkling of snow and some Christmas shopping, so I am really hoping to go over next Christmas! I might have to make a hint or two to Liam J

The South of France
Being just over the border it seems silly not want to visit the South of France, I have heard from so many people how beautiful and warm it is. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to warm pastries, drink wine & cheese of an evening and get a tan all at the same time!?

I am so lucky that I have an Uncle that lives in Thailand, why have I not visited yet!? I definitely will be venturing over within the next two years. So many people go travelling there, I would be silly not to go and make the most of having my own personal tour guide.

I wonder in two years how many of these places I will have ticked off my list, or whether my list may have changed?

Any travelling tips?

Any amazing places I should add to my list?

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