Sunday, 3 January 2016

Playing with our new camera & New year's resolutions!

We have been after a good camera for quite some time, but we are far from knowledgeable about anything technology-wise. It was between Nikon and Canon, but due to a bargain deal in John Lewis, we went for a Canon 1200D eos ( this means nothing to me ) but we like it and are slowly learning how to use it! 

Any tips and advice welcome!
We need to be pros by our holiday in May!

So now down to New Year's resolutions! I try not to get too caught up in unrealistic goals for the year, but after smashing last years resolution i'm feeling pretty optimistic. 
This year I will continue my healthy eating and fitness routine, as well as my new resolution, which is to get more organised
Now, how to execute this?
From planning my wedding, I have realised I am a visual learner/planner. I like to see things in front of me. Plans, highlighters and colour-coding are my friends! So, my first purchase in my journey to becoming more organised was to buy a monthly planner. I purchased a great planner from Tesco, it even has stick-it notes and a whiteboard pen, along with a monthly planner and delegated sections for 'shifts, food, plans' etc. I'll keep you updated on how I get on with it!

What resolutions do you have!? How are you planning on making them reality?
Happy new year!


  1. Beautiful photos, I love the bauble one with the lights in the background, so festive! Happy New Year! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you! That's one of my favourites too ! Very Christmassy ! X